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How we got started

When we opened in 2018 we took a long moment to think about what we really wanted to bring to the Japanese restaurant scene in New York. We knew that we wanted to open an Izakaya (Japanese Gastro Pub/ Japanese Restaurant) but as we thought of the finer details we realized that there is a big void in the market when it comes to Japanese Craft Beers. In a country so obsessed with craft beers it is very hard to find any Japanese Craft Beers (especially at restaurants) and when you do you can usually expect to pay an arm and a leg. We decided that we wanted to bring the experience of Japanese Craft Beers and the over 300 Japanese Craft Breweries here to the States and we wanted to offer them at a reasonable price. The craft beer list at our restaurant started off with just a dozen Japanese craft beers including the well-known ones such as Hitachino and Echigo. As we started to see what else was out there we continued to add to the restaurants beer list and we are continuously working with producers and importers to try to bring more interesting and exciting beers for our guests to try. We hope that by doing so we can bring more attention and appreciation to the Japanese Craft Beer scene one bottle at a time and we wish that you would come down to Izakaya Juraku in the LES (Lower East Side of Manhattan) to try one of the beers!